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In the year 2000, your company was founded with the aim of improving post-orthopedic surgery recovery. After a patient undergoes surgery on one of their joints, it is crucial to exercise the joint properly in order to promote healing. However, performing exercises without proper equipment can be painful and take longer. Additionally, exercising without the proper equipment can increase the chances of complications after surgery.

During your research, you found that at the time, post-operation equipment was not readily available and was not covered by insurance. This meant that patients had to purchase the necessary equipment on their own, which was often expensive. Furthermore, the equipment, such as the CPM (Continued Passive Motion) unit, was typically only needed for a short period of time, usually 2 to 6 weeks. After this time, patients were left with a unit that they were unlikely to use again.

To address this issue, you decided to offer the equipment as a rental rather than requiring patients to purchase it. By doing so, the cost of the equipment can be covered by insurance, making it more accessible to patients. Additionally, patients are not left with a piece of equipment that they will likely never use again, as they can return it once their recovery is complete.

Your decision to provide rental equipment also benefits patients in other ways. For example, renting equipment reduces the financial burden of recovery on patients and their families. This is especially important for those who may not be able to afford the high cost of purchasing equipment on their own.

Furthermore, renting equipment can also lead to better outcomes for patients. By having access to the proper equipment, patients are more likely to perform the necessary exercises correctly and consistently. This can lead to a faster and more successful recovery, with fewer complications.

In conclusion, your company's decision to provide rental equipment for post-orthopedic surgery recovery is a thoughtful and innovative solution to a common problem. By doing so, you are making recovery more accessible and affordable for patients, while also improving their chances of a successful recovery.

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